Welcome to the PNA Centennial Dancers.

The PNA Centennial Dancers and Lodge 53 were formed as PNA Lodge 3240 in 1980, the Centennial year of the Polish National Alliance. Through the years the same group of members merged with other lodges to form Lodge 63, St. Cecelia Society. Our goal is to promote Polish heritage and culture through music and dance. Centennial Dancers learn National and Regional dance of Poland, and Polkas and Obereks of the United States which is the Polish American heritage.

Our current Choreographer, Ms. Natalie Jackson and Assistant, Ms. Marie Stawasz, are working diligently on getting the new dance school year off to a great start.

Please indicate by return email to barbjm52@hotmail.com the name, age and grade as well as a telephone number of each of your students that will be dancing this coming school year. This will help us to place dancers in classes for the upcoming year.

Attached is our current calender. Updates are available in our weekly newsletter.

Attached are forms for the 2015-16 dance year:
- Registration Form
- Tuition Schedule
- Code of Conduct
- Junior/Senior Application (if applicable)
- Debutante/Squire Letter (if applicable)
- History of PNA Centennial Dancers
- July Registration letter

Please fill out the attached forms sign and/or initial where indicated and mail to:

PNA Centennial Dancers, P.O. Box 6239, Plymouth, MI 48170-0239.

The registration check should be made payable to: "PNA Centennial Dancers." Thank you, in advance, for filling these out and returning them.

We hold our weekly dance lessons on Wednesday evenings at Madonna University. South of Five Mile Road, off of Levan Road in Livonia, a central location in the Western Wayne County.

For information about our dance group, to enroll students or to have our group perform, please contact Directors Barb Martin at barbjm52@hotmail.com .

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